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    Forum's reopening

    Greetings everyone,
    After a nearly 1 year break and weeks of work, we are happy to announce the reopening of the board.

    Before going any further, we'd like to apologize for the sudden unavailability of the administration team back then which was due to unexpected events and unstable schedules. However, it was absolutely out of question to give up on this valuable project. Now that our schedules are less fluctuant than they used to be, we will be able to manage the board more efficiently and more often aswell.

    As you may have noticed, there have been major changes to the project since August 2017, including:

    • A name change, Lag one becoming Lag
    • A whole new, customized and responsive theme that will fit to bigger and smaller screen resolutions (and some mobile devices aswell)
    • Major and minor bug fixes for an even faster and more pleasant navigation
    • An important forum cleaning, removing outdated/unadequate threads and posts
    • An update for every important threads requiring one, including the General Forum Rules

    Even though we checked a huge amount of different pages looking for anomalies, there may still be missing, misplaced or unnecessary elements.

    - If you have spotted any abnormality, floating element or any other bug, please open a new thread in the Bug Reports section, unless there is an existing thread reporting that same bug.
    - If you think that a feature is missing or that an element should be modified or removed, you may open a new thread in the Suggestions section to expose your idea.
    - Last but not least, if you have any unanswered question going through your mind, feel free to ask it in the Questions section. Although dumb questions are unexistant, please use the Search function before going any further.

    We are very pleased to count you among our community throughout the beginning of an exciting adventure.
    We are also happy to see that we didn't post this announce on April 1st.

    See you on the battlefield !
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    bang bang.

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    Hi there,
    @Kehoru here.

    I'll be using this thread aswell to warn you all about my reduced availability for up to 3 years, starting from April 4th.
    Due to medical reasons, I'll be in an "Care Education" internship starting this wednesday. Even though I will, obviously, have an -limited- Internet access up there, I will probably not be able to log-in daily or take care of technical maintenances and important bug fixes/intense coding stuff; which is why I worked hard on the theme those past weeks.

    However, the administration team now counts more than two members (@Kirk and I). @Mushmellow will be helping us with mostly everything, including forum management and moderation. Also, @Kirk will be happy to help you guys with anything you'll need help with.

    I hope you understand my current situation and also understand that I will be doing my best to be as active as possible.
    I'm also counting on you guys ot help us keep this project alive, running and active. Remember that Lag isn't a strict board; our goal is to have you feel like being at home.
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    Freshly arrived

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    Very happy to be here! :)
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